Corporate Intelligence

For more than 20 years, Spencer Investigations has provided businesses, organizations and law firms with a full range of investigative, security management and pre-employment, tenant screening services, comprehensive international banking and financial consultation services for important offshore and onshore jurisdictions.

Spencer Investigations integral role is to reduce the risk and monetary loss related to corporate crimes, information theft, substance abuse and has an extensive experience detecting investigating and assisting our clients in the prevention of financial fraud, bank accounts fraud, anti-counterfeiting, fraud investigation and forensic accounting.

Spencer Investigation's investigators have more than 40 years of combined experience offering expertise in a range of corporate intelligence investigative services relating to Surveillance, Financial Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Investment Fraud, Litigation Support, Divorce, Trademark Investigation, Ponzi, Investment Scam and Missing Persons.

Spencer Investigations recommends a thorough due diligence review to our clients who are engaged in business projects in the United States and around the world. Spencer Investigations is experienced in detecting, investigating and assisting our clients in the prevention of Financial Fraud, Employee Theft, Harassment and Drugs at the workplace.

Pre- Employment Screening

Hiring good employees requires that a company or organization has access to accurate and timely data. Pre-employment screening, often known as background checks, delivered by experienced investigators can help Human Resource Managers hire the right person for the job.

Tenant Screening

Our Tenant Screening Services are designed to assist you with reducing both your financial losses and the occurrence of damages to your property. SI would like to help you save thousands of dollars by preventing evictions and loss of rent.


Spencer Investigations team of investigators observes and documents the activities of individuals suspected of fraud. SI is an expert in the area of video surveillance investigation. When you choose to work with SI, our investigators will help you gain insight regarding an employee's true lifestyle, provide sufficient evidence to file criminal fraud charges and reduce insurance premiums and settlements.