Spencer Investigations does your investigative work on an hourly basis, submitting a DVD, so that you can see every step of the surveillance, plus reports on the subject.

Spencer Investigations combines low prices and high-tech equipment to meet your investigation needs. From video and audio equipment to GPS tracking and interception devices.

Spencer Investigations has your solution for your surveillance.

GPS Tracking

GPS has the capability that enables the minute information regarding your fleet vehicles. The easy to use web interface allows the most convenient way to continuously track where your car is and drivers are located. Commercial grade feature such as weekly/monthly reports and dispatch functions round out the full set of features that makes this product a leader in the field of vehicle tracking. The vehicle track is also great for teen and elderly drivers with an optional OBDI connection that is simple to install. The vehicle track unit and antenna can both be easily concealed for convert operations. It can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.